Super videos that will entertain your socks off.


"That’s a strange word" you say. You may also say "What does it mean you babbling mad man?" . Well we, the team have noticed that there is a lot of entertainment going on out in the world, some of it soo and some of it soo . We entertainment, it’s one of our favourite things! Sadly a lot of entertainment seems to be ditching those values that are soo for us and we think that is . The thing is we not only entertainment but we values. So we had this crazy idea, what if our two favourite things, Entertainment & Values got together and stayed together, smash, explosion, ♫ ♫ ♩ ♩ triumphant music!! That's where the word Valuetainment was created ☁ and where was born. Valuetainment means you get your socks blown off with awesome entertainment without losing the values that help us all be excellent in life!!

the place where values and entertainment got hitched ⚭.

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